Allston veritasHarvard University recently released its new master plan (pdf) detailing expansion plans for its Allston campus.  Besides adding several new buildings to the Business School, Harvard plans to resume construction of the science center complex where a lonely foundation sits, a casualty of the economic crisis that hit a few years back.  The master plan also contemplates the resurrection of the Barry’s Corner area adjacent to the science complex.  Harvard’s plans for Barry’s Corner are ambitious – creating a lively area in the mold of Harvard Square that will include a new 3,000 seat basketball arena and 140,000 square feet of housing, retail and office space.  Harvard also plans to tear down the Charlesview apartment complex it recently acquired (after residents move to a new complex nearby), and replace it with 200,000 square feet of academic and administrative offices with ground floor retail.  Finally, the plan calls for construction of a 250,000 square-foot hotel and conference center closer to the river, and renovations to Harvard Stadium and Bright Arena – giving more students the chance to yell out Harvard’s famous cheer when losing a game: “that’s alright, that’s OK, you’ll be working for us someday.”  Here’s hoping that another economic crisis doesn’t intervene and that Harvard starts providing some of those jobs in Allston in the near future.