In a recent entry we discussed how the Massachusetts legislature amended the Massachusetts solid waste statute, M.G.L. c. 111, Sec. 150A, to shift the responsibility for permitting small solid waste transfer stations (less than 50 tons of refuse per day) from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to local Boards of Health.  Not so fast . . . the recently passed Permit Extension Act (also the subject of previous commentary) has come to the rescue of the locals.  Retreating faster than a midnight dumper, DEP has issued a new letter (pdf) informing Boards of Health that, because the Permit Extension Act automatically extends until July 12, 2012 all DEP solid waste permits that were in effect between August 15, 2008 and August 15, 2010, there is no present need for the local Boards to issue such permits.  The letter notes that Boards of Health are responsible for permitting new small waste transfer stations whose DEP permits expired prior to August 15, 2008, and that the planned handover of responsibility for all such permits will now happen as of July 12, 2012.  Good to see the Permit Extension Act working as intended.