it's easy being greenAs reported here, the City of Boston, after conducting a design contest dubbed the E+ Green Building Program, selected three firms to design and build ten “energy-positive homes” on city land, which will be available to buyers for less than $400,000 (an energy-positive home produces surplus energy that’s returned to the power grid).  Recently, one of

The results of Boston’s E+ Green Building Demonstration Program will be on display through September 25 at the Boston Architectural College.  The E+ program’s goal is to promote the next generation of ultra-efficient green buildings.  The exhibition features proposals generated by 11 teams of architects, builders, and developers detailing the design and construction of high-performance, green urban homes

On December 15th, the Boston City Council approved a measure introduced by Mayor Thomas Menino that provides incentives to building owners to incorporate rooftop solar technologies.  The measure is the culmination of the three-year Boston Solar Initiative that produced a five-fold increase in the city’s solar capacity.  The primary incentives are a streamlined permitting process coupled with a