In 2007, Boston was the first city in the nation to adopt Green Building provisions, known as Article 37 (pdf).  Those provisions require reduced emissions from privately-owned buildings, and require all White Roofbuildings over 50,000 square feet to comply with LEED certification standards.  Now, Boston’s Allston neighborhood is home to the nation’s first Green District.  The 500 sustainable rental

With the signing into law of the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act four years ago, Massachusetts launched what is arguably the nation’s most aggressive program to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)earth emissions.  The cornerstone of the Act is a mandate that by 2020 the state’s GHG emissions be reduced 25% from 1990 levels.  MassInc recently released a comprehensive

As reported here, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources recently proposed new rules (pdf) regulating large wood-burning power plants.  These rules call for stringent efficiency standards, notably the encouragement of co-generation (the productive use of waste heat).  The impetus for the new rules was a recent study that challenged the widely-held assumption that the cultivation of forests for

up in smokeNot long ago, state environmental officials considered biomass energy, produced by large wood-burning power plants, an integral part of the Massachusetts renewable energy portfolio.  However, times have changed with the Department of Energy Resources’ (DOER) recent issuance of proposed rules (pdf) regulating large wood-burning power plants. 

If promulgated, the proposed rules would likely spell the