it's easy being greenAs reported here, the City of Boston, after conducting a design contest dubbed the E+ Green Building Program, selected three firms to design and build ten “energy-positive homes” on city land, which will be available to buyers for less than $400,000 (an energy-positive home produces surplus energy that’s returned to the power grid).  Recently, one of

On December 15th, the Boston City Council approved a measure introduced by Mayor Thomas Menino that provides incentives to building owners to incorporate rooftop solar technologies.  The measure is the culmination of the three-year Boston Solar Initiative that produced a five-fold increase in the city’s solar capacity.  The primary incentives are a streamlined permitting process coupled with a

Solar panelsIt’s estimated that by 2030, U.S. electricity demand will increase by approximately 30%.  Meeting this demand will require the construction of 320 new mid-size coal plants, or about 16 new plants permitted and built every year from now until 2030.  Between the capital outlays and the complex permitting and regulatory process required to get coal plants built, greater