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Private Parties Cannot Enforce Public Rights to Access Tidelands

Posted in Easements, Legislation, Waterfront Property
Massachusetts is unusual in that an owner of waterfront property typically holds title to the low water mark.  However, the area between the low and the high water marks normally remains subject to the rights of the public to fish, fowl (hunt birds) and navigate. The landowner cannot interfere with those so-called “public trust” rights… Continue Reading

Gray’s Anatomy: Appeals Court Holds That Road Separates Upland From Flats Under Colonial Ordinance

Posted in Easements, Title, Waterfront Property
Along with the Red Sox and Patriots’ Day, one of the unique features of Massachusetts is that modern property rights can be ruled by 370-year-old statutes.  The Colonial Ordinance of 1641-1647 declared that owners of land adjoining the shore also own the tidal flats – the land between the high and low water marks (out… Continue Reading